Reproductive History

Have you had a vasectomy failure or vasectomy reversal?
Have you had a semen analysis with abnormal result ( e.g. shape/ low count)?
Did you notice change in amount of ejaculate or pain or loss of erection during sexual activity?
Do you have injury on your testicles?
Do you have a spinal cord injury, cancer or prostatic?
Have you had surgery or any trauma in scrotum area in the past?
Have you ever diagnosed with a sexual transmitted diseases ?

Your Life Style

Have you been exposed to environmental risk (e.g. hot tub, lead, pesticide)?
Do you  smoke heavily?
Do you have diabetics?
Do you have  thyroid disease or heart disease?
Are you obese?
Do you have undescended testicles, variable or other sex organ issues?
Do you drink heavily, takes marijuana or cocaine?
Have you had developmental problems such as birth defects?