About getting Pregnant

What is your age group?
How long have been trying to get pregnant?

Reproductive History

Do your usually suffer period pains?
Have you had pelvic surgery?
Do you still experience a peroid (when not using contraceptive)?
Is your mentrual cycle is predictable(when not using contraceptive)?
Is your mentrual cycle last less than 21 days or more than 35 days(when not using contraceptive)?
Do suffer endometriosis?
Do you have pelvic inflamatory disease(PID)?

Your Life Style

Do you have unprotected sex with multiple partners?
Do you smoke (cigeratte) or drink(Alcohol and carreine) excessively?
Are you currently stress?
Do you have sexually transmitted infection?
Have you taken class A drug(e.g. marijuana, heroin or cocaine) in the past?
Do you take anabolic steroid?
Are you obese or under weight?